.com dick fisher Welcome © dick fisher.com limited - 2004-2012 Hello. I’m Dick Fisher. I began helping businesses to communicate better in 1981, setting up an audio visual production company alongside a career in TV and radio broadcasting. I sold my share of the successful business to a younger partner in 2004, and went solo. Now, I work for people I like and deliver a level of service to my clients that you thought had gone out of fashion! I have a broad range of experience in most business sectors, so don’t hesitate to ask (without obligation) if you think I might be able to help your business grow. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone who understands you, works like you do and who integrated with the rest of the team? The answer you’re looking for is YES. And now you can do it without adding to the headcount! For thirty years, I’ve helped business big and small to communicate better. Here’s how I work: I don’t charge retainer fees. I welcome tight deadlines. I am always ready to get to work on behalf of my customers. If I can’t help you, I’ll tell you. I am honest, open and transparent in all my dealings. But exactly what can I help you with? Well just in the last couple of years, I have produced video and multimedia programmes, design for print, and conferences and product launches for up to 500 delegates at venues across Europe. You may want help designing a website, producing exhibition material, copywriting or adding a video to your marketing armoury. Click here to see the kind of stuff we do. Whatever you need, I speak English; have the experience and ability; and I make it happen to your deadline and budget. Take a look at this website. Then, be brave. Call me on 01889 881159. Or email me at dick@dickfisher.com and let’s see whether we’d like working together!
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